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About Grant

"Anyone can take a picture But not everyone can capture a moment."
- Grant

Hello! My name is Grant Uchida. Back in 2008 I started a YouTube channel where I uploaded  parodies of songs with a simple flip can placed on top my desk. I enjoyed making these videos which over time made my channel grow to roughly 5,000 subscribers in just a few years. Since then, my content has evolved from comedy to Skateboarding, to even a cooking show!  Eventually after a lot of searching and experimentation I found my niche in Cosplay and anime conventions. My style of film making had greatly enhanced during this time and instead of focusing on music I shifted to cinematography. I became obsessed with vlogging and constantly having a camera by my side instead of my guitar. Over time the struggle of making videos every day caused me to burnout. At this point I was stuck in a struggle of what to do. I felt that because of my constant shifting of content, most of my subscribers stopped watching because the videos I made no longer was what they had signed up for. But on the other hand, I didn't want to make videos I was no longer passionate about. I decided to take a break from anything related to youtube for a while but I still wanted to do something with my camera. That is when I decided to upload daily pictures on Instagram. I called this project #grant365 where I would upload atleast one picture a day and reflect on what I learned so far. It was a way to still be creative but also doucment my life through the eye of my cameras lens. After about 60 days of doing this regularly I began to feel inspired again. I started listening to what my audience wanted and found a way to incorportate what I wanted to do into my content along with what they wanted to see. I have never been happier with the results.

So here we are now and my story is still going on. Join me for the ride won't you?

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